Busting the 5 Lottery Myths That Many Lottery Players Believe In

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When there is an activity as popular as lotteries in the world, it is always surrounded by many myths. Lotteries are no exception. If you go online, you will find people saying a lot of things about lotteries that do not exist. It is unfortunate that many people keep themselves from participating in the lotteries only because of these myths. Let’s take a look at the five most popular ones and bust them so you can buy your lottery tickets with the peace of mind.

5 Lottery Myths Busted

1.      Lotteries Can be Predicted

There is no way for anyone to predict the lotteries. You can never predict the results unless you are the one running the lottery and you rig it. For the people who participate in the lotteries, they don’t have any way of predicting what numbers will appear at the draw. Yes, you will find some people on social media who claim to know the results. They will even offer you the numbers for a small price. These people are only scamming you. This is their way of making money and there is no way they are going to tell you the results. If they knew the numbers, they would pick them on their play slips and become millionaires.

People have gotten the idea that lotteries can be predicted from the recent incidents of hacking. Hackers can predict even the most difficult passwords set by high-tech companies. However, lotteries do not work this way. The numbers picked in a lottery do not rely on an algorithm. That’s why, it is no possible for someone to break some code and predict the numbers that will appear in the next draw.

2.      Lotteries Are Fake

Yes, there is a group of people that believes that lotteries are fake. These people have either never participated in a lottery or had a bad experience in the past. You often hear about the winners on TV, radio, newspapers or internet. Since a lot of people don’t know a lottery winner personally, they assume that no one wins the lotteries. That’s not true at all. What these people do not realize is that lotteries in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and many other countries are conducted by well-known companies, banks, and the governments.

These companies and governments have plenty of reasons to conduct lotteries. In the US, lottery winnings are taxed and this tax is used by the government for the betterment of the country. In fact, if you go online, you can see the winners, their names, and pictures to know that they are real people.

3.      Lotteries Are Dying

Lotteries have been around not only for decades but centuries. Some of the lotteries in Spain are hundreds of years old. In fact, lotteries have been around in some form for many centuries. Some people believe that lotteries are dying in the modern age. This notion could not be farther from the truth. The fact is quite the opposite. Lotteries are becoming more famous with time. Lotteries are so famous in Europe that some of the biggest in the region were launched just a few years ago. Take the example of EuroJackpot, which is one of the biggest lotteries in the region.

EuroJackpot is only six years old and was launched in 2012. The lottery was launched because of the increasing popularity of other lotteries in the region e.g. EuroMillions. The nations participating in the latter thought they needed another lottery to meet the increasing demand of the players. So, if someone tells you that lotteries are dying, they are not telling you the truth.

4.      Online Lottery Websites Are Scams

This is not true at all. The many scams that run in the name of lotteries have made people assume that all online lottery websites are fake or scams. There are hundreds of online lottery websites today and many of them have helped people become millionaires. Not everything related to lotteries have to be a scam if it is online. You have to understand that these online websites were launched because there was a need for them. In a world where internet allows you to shop online and order products from a store on the other side of the world, buying lottery tickets should not be such a big deal.

Busting the 5 Lottery Myths That Many Lottery Players Believe In

These websites provide you the service of purchasing tickets in other countries. They have professionals who purchase the physical ticket on your behalf and send you a scanned copy for your record. With this service, you can participate in any lottery in any part of the world no matter where you are.

5.      Playing Foreign Lotteries Is Illegal

At first, the idea of sitting in one country and participating in a lottery in another country might sound weird. However, there are no rules that prevent you from doing this. Take the example of lotteries like Powerball, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions, etc. All of these lotteries can be played by anyone who purchases a ticket no matter where the ticket buyer is located. If you live in Australia, you can purchase the ticket of US Powerball lottery. There is nothing illegal or risky about it. All you have to do is pick the right website and stay away from the scams.

Yes, there are some details that you have to pay attention to. Make sure that participating in a lottery online is not banned in your country. In addition to that, you want to be sure that you are aware of the tax laws in your country. For any prize that you win, you will have to pay the taxes in your country if they apply.

Bottom Line

You should be happy that you are living in a time where you have access to the internet. You can go online and research everything and anything on your own. Millions of people are participating in lotteries every single day, and these lotteries are not particularly their local lotteries. Lack of information about lotteries can make you believe in the myths stated above. Now that you know about them, you should not hesitate from buying your first lottery ticket. So, go ahead and pick your lucky numbers, and hope for the best. You never know when you are sitting on a ticket that is worth millions of dollars.

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