Does the James Bond roulette strategy work?

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There are few fictional gamblers as iconic as James Bond. While many popular movies have had famous scenes involving gambling and casinos, few integrated them into the character as well as Ian Fleming did when he first created the James Bond series in 1953. The James Bond movies have given us some of the most iconic scenes in cinema history. From the intense baccarat games inCasino Royale to the chemin-de-fer games of Dr.No and Thunderball, the casino setting is well-integrated into the world created by Ian Fleming.

The main reason why the James Bond series has featured gambling and casinos so prominently is due to Ian Fleming’s – who created the original book series – love of casino games. Writing Bond as a character was a way for Fleming to write himself into the series. Bond shared many of his other personal traits, such as his love of scrambled eggs, his use of certain brands of toiletries, and for possessing the same golfing handicap.

The use of gambling in the Bond series went much deeper than just superficially using the casino as a setting in certain scenes, with Fleming even coming up with strategies that Bond used in individual games – no doubt drawn from Fleming’s own experiences at the card table. In Casino Royale – the first book in the Bond series – the secret agent creates and uses his betting strategy, which is designed to beat the odds in that game and to turn them in his favor. Fans of the book have lifted this strategy straight from the original text and attempted to use it in a real-life setting. But does it work?

Commonly referred to as the ‘James Bond System,’ this roulette strategy is mainly based on a flat betting system. That means you make the same wager each round, regardless of the outcome. To do so, Bond would, for example, place $1 on 0, $5 on the line bet 13-14-15-16-17-18, and $14 on 19-36. While the amount wagered can change, make sure you keep the proportions the same as this example.

The way it works is that if you bet in this way, you are essentially giving yourself 25 numbers where you can win and only 12 where you lose. While this doesn’t guarantee you a win no matter what, it does increase the chances, ever so slightly, that over time you will have winning rounds.

But does this betting strategy work in a real-life setting? Even in the best NJ online casinos, the short answer is no!

Based on the calculations of spinning the wheel 37 times, with each number being hit just once, you will likely come out at a slight loss if all things go well. Using the betting ratio and figures above, you would be losing $20 every 37 spins. Although this doesn’t seem like much, this is if things work out perfectly as planned. On the other hand, your odds could play out better than this, which would see you win a little bit more than the $20 loss.

As such, while the James Bond roulette strategy doesn’t guarantee you success, if implemented correctlyyou might be able to edge the odds in your favor ever so slightly.

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